Drupal Camp Karachi 2013

Drupal Camp Karachi was held on 2nd November 2013 at IBA Main Campus, Karachi. Speakers from across the globe participated and shared there knowledge. I also participated as a speaker their and delivered 2 hours training session on topic “Drupal Theming”. There were few hiccups on technical side but overall I am really impressed with the response of audience.

I would like to thank organizers specially ikonami team, Kubair A. Shirazee CEO of ikonami UK and P@SHA for organizing such a wonderful event. Special thanks to IBA Karachi who provided their space for the event.

Here is the presentation which I presented at the beginning of my session.

I will upload complete Drupal 7 theme which I created during that session very soon. So check this post again in few days for an update.

Apps & Games Development for Smart Phones

Today i presented my first presentation and the topic was Apps & Games Development for Smart Phones. In my presentation i discussed about different operating system being used in smart phones, than i presented latest statistical data of different organizations and i have also discussed about few applications and games developed by Pakistani companies and finally i gave few points about how to develop application for smartphones.

I am sharing my presentation here so check it out.

Facebook lost 45 million members in one day!

Yes thats true, facebook lost 45 million members in just one day. It all happened because facebook didn’t took any action against a group on facebook which is holding a contest on 20th of may to draw pictures of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the name of freedom of speech. This act hurted feelings of millions of Muslims around the world. After raise in protests in Pakistan against this brutal act Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) finally banned facebook till 31st of may after a order from Lahore High Court. Its really surprising atleast for me that facebook didn’t took any action against this act which is extremely violent.
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ALERT: Facebook is not safe anymore!

Yup its a shocking news for all of us who are facebook fan but i have to say this “Facebook is not safe anymore!”. Recently i got virus alerts when i tried to open different pages in facebook. Click on following link to see screen shot of virus alert!

Facebook Virus Alert

I would like to advice everyone to scan their pc with up to date anti virus.


UPDATE: It looks like problem is fixed and everything is back to normal again!

Twitter study: 40.5% tweets are “Pointless Babble”!

Twitter is getting more and more popularity day by day but it looks like its converting from a voice to a noise as recent study shows that 40.5% tweets are “Pointless Babble”!

Study states:

A while back we embarked on a study that evolved after a having a debate in the office as to how people are using and consuming Twitter. Some felt it was their source of news and articles, others felt it was just a bunch of self-promotion with very few folks actually paying attention. But mostly, many people still perceive Twitter as just mindless babble of people telling you what they are doing minute-by-minute; as if you care they are eating a sandwich at the moment.

This study was conducted by Pear Analytics. You can read more details about it here.

Warning: Upgrade your Firefox 3.5.1 or else…

Scary isn’t it? But its true! Critical JavaScript vulnerability in Firefox 3.5.1 has been disclosed publicly named “Heap Spray Vulnerability” which can be exploited by an attacker who tricks a victim into viewing a malicious Web page containing the exploit code. This vulnerability has been fixed in Firefox 3.5.1 but still it is believed that a large amount of users are still using firefox 3.5 as not everyone care about upgrading their software’s! So it is advised to upgrade your browser if you have not yet!

Source: Mozilla Blog

ExtensiveWeb.com Revamped!

ExtensiveWeb.com revamped

I had decided to redesign extensiveweb.com few days ago. Now i am announcing the relaunch of extensiveweb.com. Blog has been added as well as portfolio is updated with projects which were completed recently.

I will be regularly updating blog with latest news, tutorials, tips, reviews etc. I hope you will like the new design. I have also decided to release some goodies for free. Will update about it soon.

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